How To: Connect to a database & add data in PHP & MYSQL

Connect to a database & add data in PHP & MYSQL

MySQL is a database for serving data on the web. This video teaches viewers how to connect to a database and add data in PHP & MySQL. PHPMyAdmin is an interface that allows you to interact with MySQL more easily. Use the form in the program to create a database; choose the name for your database and select 'create'. Next you can create tables within your database, also using the forms provided. Within the tables you can set your variables; PHPMyAdmin has fields that allow you to choose the types and attributes of these. Next click the insert tab to add specific entries into the table. Once you have your tables you can program code in your PHP file to connect to the server, choose the database and use the information, and add data to your table. Watch this video to learn how to manage data in PHP and MySQL.

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